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The Scoop – FDA’s Week of Innovation | Anti-Vacc Mess Infographic | Mobile Pharma Biztech Day 2 July 1, 2014

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FDA had a busy week in innovation, approving the first robot exoskeleton (thank you Marketing Intern Amanda Perez for this story) and the first inhalable insulin.

By now we all know the infamous story of the anti-vaccine journal article that sparked the anti-vacc movement that has been so incredibly damaging; this is illustrated wonderfully in a new infographic for spreading the word further beyond our industry (perhaps to some new parents as well). Thank you Ketul Shah, Associate Director, Insights & Analytics, for sharing this.

The American College of Physicians has deemed it unnecessary for healthy women to undergo regular screening pelvic exams, and instead rely mainly on Pap smears.

Here comes more good stuff as Theresa Heintz, Sr. Associate Marketing, shared the following excellent takeaways from DAY 2 of Mobile Pharma Biztech 2014 (thanks again Theresa):

The theme of the conference overall was that the future is now. We’re in it and healthcare needs to embrace it especially in the mobile space. We’re progressing but not quick enough to keep up with patient trends and patient needs. Some of those trends we’re seeing in mobile:
• Smartphone owners represent a power cohort. They’re more engaged in digital and institutional care. They feel empowered with these tools and information.
• Mobile devices encourage continuous care. Information needs to be given to the patient at point of care and at the pharmacy.
• Smartphones will be the hub for interactive condition management services, as 20% of people are leveraging smartphones to track their health.
• App curation is shifting the market.
• Demand for mobile Rx resources is high and pharma isn’t making the cut. Patients want that seamless experience across all screens and they’re not seeing it.

Across all industries mobile needs to be utilized because we are finally in the year of mobile. But some companies aren’t doing it right. Here is the top 9 list of mobile mistakes:
1. Mobility is often an afterthought.
2. There is often a patchwork mobile strategy and disjointed execution. How about we funnel strategy into actions?
3. Often prioritizing users away with device specific apps.
4. We’re designing online experiences for mobile. It doesn’t work.
5. Looking at mobile only through a development lens. Needs to be through all lenses to create the best user experience.
6. Applying online security tools to a mobile space.
7. Mobile governance extremes.
8. Apps are abandoned and forgotten.
9. Sitting on the sidelines.

Some other big highlights that really stood out to me include:
• 6 billion people have access to a smartphone and 3.5 billion have a toothbrush.
• Whole industries are shifting because of mobile, for example, taxis and transportation apps like Uber.
• Phone and tablets are extremely different experiences. With phone you are dating the users. And tablets, think of it as a marriage. They’re in it for the long-haul.
• You can deliver value beyond the pill if you can collect feedback and engage with your patients.
• Patients long for a relationship with their physicians.
• The entire customer experience includes insights, data and technology.

My favorite speaker of the day doesn’t work in the healthcare space, he’s just really skilled at developing apps fit for his customers: Stephen Gates, VP and Creative Director, Global Brand Design, Starwood Hotels. He said, “In order to innovate, there has to be an option to fail.” If we’re not willing to ‘go big or go home’, how can we ever expect to be on the bleeding edge of innovation as an industry? Just a little food for thought, as I end my day in the middle of Herald Square typing up notes on my iPad and checking email on my android.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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