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The Scoop – Content Marketing Trend | Mobile Health Interactions | Social Accounts After Death July 2, 2014

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Think your customers don’t want to hear from you? Content marketing is a growing trend for many reasons, most of all because it’s successful (even folks from Harvard say so). Studies show that consumers prefer to get their news about a brand from a brand, and we all know that content is king. Learn what pharma marketers need to know about content marketing in this whitepaper.

Coming off of several days of heavy mobile coverage in the Scoop, I couldn’t help but share more – a new FICO study shows that 4 out of 5 smartphone users are very interested in mobile health interactions, a huge opportunity for pharma marketers. In particular, as an IMS study found that most consumer mobile apps are failing in functionality, this is a good time to do things right and provide the ever-elusive true value at a time when few are.

It’s not new to use iPads in our industry, but Cleveland Clinic developed some very new uses for the tablet as an assessment tool for MS, including actually strapping the device to someone’s back to track quality of movement.

What happens to your social accounts when you die? Yeek what a question. Okay, I’m interested. What better than an infographic to illustrate how long until your Twitter account is deactivated (6 months) and what it looks like if Facebook also dies (a slow death.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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