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The Scoop – Future Predictions by Thought Leaders | RN on Health Tracking Implications | Laura’s Law July 9, 2014

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As part of its 125th anniversary report, Wall Street Journal asked leading thinkers, artists and innovators their thoughts on the future, and it’s really fun to look through. Eric Topol predicted that wearable and embeddable trackers will be ubiquitous within 20 years. Francis Collins focused his article on the potential for DNA sequencing to result in personalized medicine, which is mind-blowingly cool. Mark Zuckerberg wrote about his quest to get the entire world online. In 1989, when they did a similar article, “Microsoft founder Bill Gates suggested that we’d be carrying around small ‘handwriting machines’—with wireless connectivity—that we could pack full of scribbled, shareable information.” And “Apple Inc. fellow Alan Kay scoped out the essentials of Google Glass when he talked about a ‘head-mounted display…[that] looks exactly like glasses.’”

On a related note, it’s interesting to read this essay by a registered nurse about the implications – positive and negative – of health tracking. She points out that it’s possible data will be used to monitor health and that in one scenario a doctor could see that his diabetic patient has not filled his prescriptions but has been buying junk food and hasn’t been exercising, which could result in the doctor intervening positively, but could also result in a negative response from the patient’s insurance company.

Registration is now open for Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic this October – it will be interesting to see if this is the venue for more Apple health announcements this year.

The controversial Laura’s Law, which allows for involuntary medical treatment of certain mentally ill patients, has passed in San Francisco.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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