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The Scoop – High-Impact Ads | Big Data in Health | Doctor Salaries July 10, 2014

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High-impact ads – those digital ads that just can’t be ignored – have been increasing in use as much as their polar opposite, native ads. I asked Media Director Melanie Bonomolo for her take on this trend as outlined by Digiday, and she shared: This seems like the natural progression as advertisers do need to address banner blindness and publishers still have a need to sell premium inventory. There is potential for everyone to benefit from fewer ads on the page at a higher cost. Ultimately the advertiser that can strike the balance of creative and engaging without disrupting the user experience will succeed. Years ago, HCPs would complain about rich media on the clinical websites, but now most have adjusted. Eventually consumers will conditioned to high impact ads. Also, while the lines continue to blur between digital channels, it will always be critical for the advertiser’s message to be aligned with the way their customer is using the channel for a higher likelihood they will actually interact with the ad.

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn takes a step back on Big Data, explaining it and its implications for health in her latest Health Populi blog posting. Her analysis of the July issue of Health Affairs, which focused entirely on Big Data, includes obstacles to analytics adoption and patients’ growing role in generating data outside the doctor’s office. There are no answers here because – well – we don’t have answers yet, but her take is helpful in understanding how to ask the right questions.

Doctor-blogger Kevin Pho (KevinMD) wrote an article on how doctors are paid, arguing that the high costs of healthcare are not related to doctor salaries. In response, USA Today published reader comments ranging from comparing doctors’ salaries to much-higher pro athletes and of course taking digs at pharma.

Global ad spending will double this year, with digital accounting for 25%.

Innovation of the day: from MIT, a ring that reads printed text to the visually impaired.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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