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The Scoop – 3 Ways to be a Good Mentee | Clayton Christenson on Health Industry | Uber for Dentistry July 11, 2014

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Today you can get free food at Chik-fil-a if you dress like a cow, which is funny because our CEO Stan has client meetings. But I digress. Today I am speaking on a private panel on the topic of social media marketing to a group of entrepreneurs as part of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses – Greater Philadelphia. They don’t have a hashtag for the event (lesson #1!) so you can follow insights of note via #CMIEvo on Twitter. Wish me luck!

Being a good mentee is just as important as being a good mentor, argues Karima Sharif, Director Customer Engagement Management, in the latest HBA blog post. The top three tips from Karima are to be open-minded, be a good listener, and be authentic.

Change must be forced in order to improve the healthcare industry argues management guru Clayton Christenson in an interview with Forbes. Health organizations should specialize, rather than diversify, to cut overhead costs, and change the much-criticized pay-for-performance model.

EHR adoption remains the most pressing IT issue among physicians according to a study that also showed that costs associated with implementation also remain a major concern.

Whenever I read that something is called “the Uber for ____” I take notice, because of how cool and disruptive and brilliantly simple Uber is. So – introducing the Uber for dentistry, or that’s what it’s being called anyway – a service that brings the dentist office to you. This is the latest in the short-but-growing list of alternative healthcare delivery including concierge care, telemedicine, minute clinics and cornering a doctor at a cocktail party.

Weird news of the day: Martha Stewart and her drone. It’s an organic artisanal locally-sourced drone, probably. (Runner up for weird news of the day was the Uber car chase.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communication

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