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The Scoop – Social Media Marketing | A Story That Stinks | Top 10 Innovations 2025 July 14, 2014

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Since Friday’s panel on social media marketing was closed to the public, here are the most relevant highlights. With me on the panel were two entrepreneurs –  Founder of Baby Be Hip Colleen Mook and Founder and Owner of Firinji Restaurants Budo Bunul – as well as Sal Trovato, Senior Designer at Debra Malinics Advertising. The panel was part of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses – Greater Philadelphia program, hosted by Community College of Philadelphia, and the audience was made up of several dozen area entrepreneurs.

  • You can’t do it all-so know where to spend your valuable marketing time (where is your audience) and focus there
  • Build relationships one person at a time, whether in person or via social
  • Always find a way to convert a negative customer service experience to a positive one
  • In social marketing remember to listen first, know your audience and measure. Social listening is a critical tool in marketing today to truly understand what your audience wants
  • Consider social marketing like any other customer service – one customer at a time

Speaking of learning what your audience wants via social media, Reddit’s AMAs (Ask Me Anything) have become a valuable resource of insight; a recent AMA with a renowned stress psychologist unveiled what Americans are stressed about and how it affects their health – and that’s something that impacts across all disease states.

Stinker of the day: a few people sent me this story that smelling toots (I have a 5-year-old, I say toots) can help prevent cancer, it was definitely a story I could not ignore. It was interesting, then, to see this rebuttal story that shows how truly wrong this conclusion is and how crazy a story can go viral when it has interesting/newsworthy elements. If only I could think of a metaphor of when something foul spreads quickly…

Thompson Reuters released a report of 10 top innovations by 2025, and most have to do with health – less dementia, preventable diabetes (Type 1), and gene mapping all come into play along with energy and tech solutions.

As ACA increases Americans’ access to health insurance and wait times for an appointment with a doctor increase, some insurers like WellPoint are opening other access points to healthcare including e-visits, via companies such as Teladoc Inc., MDLive Inc. and American Well Corp, which do allow the physicians to prescribe treatments as needed.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communication

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