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The Scoop – Converge Day 2 | More Health Startups to Watch | Advertising on Wearables July 17, 2014

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This New Yorker cartoon made my day – finally, someone gets what we do! For audience targeting to the individual level that hits on what your audience really needs, you know where to turn.

While day 1 of Converge was all about getting inspiration from unlikely sources, day 2 themes seemed to center around how technology is disrupting healthcare – one of my favorite topics. Speaker after speaker explained that because of the pace of change today (particularly in digital technology), things must be done differently. Patient satisfaction is now a critical part of the story, as CEO of University of Utah Health Care Vivian Lee, M.D. explained, and a speaker from GE Healthcare pointed out that our audiences of healthcare leaders are changing from the Baby Boomer generation to Gen X and swiftly to Millennials, with greatly different expectations among each set. Overall, more people (both consumer and professional audiences) are expecting personalized experiences, from the way they’re communicated with to the treatment they may receive, which in the hopefully near future will be genome-specific dosing for example. Luckily, many startups are innovating against these expectations, and larger corporations are very open to helping enable this change – in particular we see this in pharma ‘beyond the pill’ efforts like Novartis and Alcon’s contact lens partnership with Google and many other examples. A large part of the day was devoted to large corporations showing the small how they can work better together to team up and enable this positive disruption.

More photos and descriptions of some of the hottest startups featured at Converge are on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. You can see all of yesterday’s takeaways on our Twitter feed, and you can also see deep coverage including session videos via conference organizer MedCityNews.

On a related note, two Philly-based health incubators named their 2014 classes: DreamIt Health, among them a patient adherence tool and a 3D printing venture; and Digital Health Accelerator, who picked up Curbside Care, one of the companies featured at Converge. (Thanks Karima Sharif, Director, Customer Engagement Management, for the second story.)

Advertising is coming to wearables: Venture Beat reports that a firm in India is aiming to be the first to advertise on wearables, and the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch would be its first canvas. (Thanks COO Jim Woodland for this story.)

BuzzFeed asked 22 of its employees to share why they use birth control, and the insights gleaned (more than half do it for other health benefits beyond birth control) from really illustrates some of the power of social listening.

Grammar nerds unite! We now have a theme song. This makes me so happy.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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