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The Scoop – Obamacare Appeal | Fuelband Vending Machine | Molecular Scissors July 23, 2014

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This just in from MM&M (as well as every major news outlet): “A Washington, DC, court of appeals has determined consumers who purchase health insurance through the federal marketplace as opposed to state-run exchanges cannot receive subsidies.”

New Frost & Sullivan research shows that the healthcare industry is still widely using older technology including pagers and paper-based systems. This underscores the importance of multi-channel NPP, as conversely we know that many doctors are early tech adopters as well. (Thanks CMIO Susan Dorfman for this article.)

In today’s health tracking news, introducing Vessyl, a cup that uses molecular technology to tell you what’s inside; Stephen Colbert has some fun at Vessyl’s expense, pointing out that while he loves his fitbit, let’s just say he’s dubious about Vessyl’s value proposition (the clip is under 5 minutes and hilarious.) Meanwhile, a smartphone manufactuerer in China have launched the world’s cheapest fitness tracker – $13. And Nike has created a Fuelband vending machine, which allows Fuelband users to earn Nike gear from the machine by reaching certain goals with their tracker – what a fabulous way to convert something historically unhealthy. If you could use a vending machine as part of your marketing plan, what would you do? In related news, Apple now has a patent for the iWatch.

Right here in Philly at Temple University, researchers are experimenting with “snipping out HIV” with molecular scissors from cells. (Thanks to Senior Account Manager Kristen Saporetti for this article.)

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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