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The Scoop – Google Dynamic Sitelinks | Off-Label Reimbursements | Choking Sign Design July 28, 2014

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A change to Google’s sitelinks could impact your search results; while our search experts were able to confirm that pharma accounts are exempt from this change, it’s important to be informed and check with your search agency to ensure you’re covered. (If you use us as your search agency, you’re covered.) For more details, see this brief created by our team.

Controversy in Europe: some European health boards, in France for example, are choosing to allow reimbursements for drugs that have been prescribed off-label. Wall Street Journal reports, “National health boards and policy makers say paying for so-called off-label drugs, which are often cheaper than their approved rivals, is necessary to cut national health-care bills. However, pharmaceutical companies argue that encouraging doctors to prescribe medicines beyond their approved usage could harm patients and may violate European Union law.”

Kaiser Permanente reports it’s been having big success with its portal My Health Manager, saying that 50% of their members use the online tool to book appointments, communicate with their HCPs, view lab results and/or refill prescriptions.

Design for health idea of the day: New York City restaurants have been demanding a better-looking first-aid-for-choking sign for their hip restaurants, and designers are heeding the call with alternatives to the 1978 throwback. 1978!

Social marketing experts are criticizing Gap and Samsung for jumping into campaigns with Secret – a 6 month old secret sharing network – saying that while the brands get kudos for being first to give it a shot, they didn’t take time to understand what the network is really about and utilize it to make true connections with potential customers. As one marketer explains, it’s a missed opportunity: “As a vehicle of a well-timed and creative controlled leak, Secret could become the perfect conduit for a brand to control the messaging without appearing to do so.”

A new app called looks for clues of mental illness – including depression and schizophrenia – in its users. Thanks to Alya Sherman, SVP Alliance Management for this article.

The New York Times editorial board took an official pro-legalization stance on marijuana in a statement this weekend.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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