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The Scoop-Health Innovations| Big Data & Organ Transplants| Patient/Doctor Communications July 28, 2014

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Thanks to PSFK Labs and Boehringer Ingelheim for this awesome list of health innovations that help patients manage their health and wellness, including an app for managing migraines and one that scans family photos to detect genetic disorders. Amazing.

Johnson and Johnson is thinking about 3D-printing live tissue for drug research, using the printed cells to test early-stage drugs for effectiveness.

Big data and organ transplants: “it’s not like a waiting line; there’s a lot of data that goes into it.” This article looks at economists, mathematicians, and doctors working together on a match theory to increase the number of available organs.

Researchers were surprised to learn that treating bladder cancer with a surgical robot versus traditional surgery by a human shows no reduction in procedural complications.

Patient privacy remains a concern when it comes to Google Glass as sensitivities to HIPAA violations can’t be ignored.

Gilead has broken into the oncology market with its cancer drug, Zydelig.

The Nabu smartband is the first “truly social” wearable in the world- fully integrated with WeChat-allowing users to track and measure fitness then swap information.

I really liked this article about the connection and communication between patients of all ages and the doctors who treat them. Not to mention, it’s a nice reminder of the Golden Rule.

Enjoy the day and your weekend.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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