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The Scoop – Ebola Outbreak | Medicare Spending | TEDMED Hive July 29, 2014

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You may have seen news about Ebola Virus spreading in Africa – here’s why so many news outlets are covering this story and how it affects you: this is an incredibly contagious disease (it’s not airborne per se but can spread with a sneeze) and it’s deadly. In many of the parts of Africa where it’s spreading, modern healthcare is not a part of life and often not trusted. Particularly in rural areas, health workers are not given the cooperation to treat and quarantine as needed. In fact, it’s happened more than once that health workers have been attacked, because people there think it is the health workers who are bringing the disease. And many of the health workers are becoming infected and dying. If Ebola cannot be contained, it’s highly possible it will continue to spread in Africa and to other countries. Health workers have begun urging the US government to step in with funds and more resources.

According to a new study sent to me by CMIO Dr. Susan Dorfman, Medicare Part A is spending less money to treat more people. Reasons for this may include the healthcare law, which focuses on lowering costs, such as penalizing unnecessary readmissions.

TEDMED has chosen its Hive organizations, which they describe as “an immersive and informal social environment dedicated to exploring and showcasing transformative startups and the inspiring entrepreneurs that power them.” It includes many startups but also known international charity Smile Train.

Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign, a major feature of which is people’s names printed on the labels (has anyone seen a Carly?) has been a huge success for the company, spurring conversation on and offline to the tune of more than 125,000 digital posts, most of them positive.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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