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The Scoop – Enhanced Campaigns | Blinded Trials in Trouble | FDA Social Listening July 30, 2014

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Google’s enhanced campaigns – launched a year ago – allow us to manage complex targeting, bidding, and ads for different platforms such as mobile and computers in the same campaign. One year into the service, our partner Kenshoo conducted an analysis on how it’s going and used quotes from our social lead Justin Freid as well as other industry experts. You can download the report here, but the crux of it is that marketers were split by the way this product was launched, but most thought it would improve their results. As Justin is quoted within the whitepaper, this change was a bit of a shakeup but we’ve been able to not only make the most of the change but to really make it benefit our clients.

Double-blinded trials could be in jeopardy because many patients post and share their experiences on social media, leading them to discover whether they’re on the drug or placebo and to sometimes share their suspicions with the trial’s researchers. This phenomenon has been studied by Pfizer and other companies who are struggling to find a way to ensure this does not cause wrinkles during FDA approval. Thanks to COO Jim Woodland for this story.

Speaking of social media, FDA has issued a call for social listening companies to help show FDA how they’re doing with their own social media marketing. Progress! Thanks Media Planner Alana Ringler for this article.

An interesting take on an old question – are pharma companies in the business of profiting or in the business in developing drugs? According to this essay, the answer must be …both. Yes, drug development is key, but profitability keeps things chugging along.

Google is embarking on a big project to identify elements of what a healthy human being should be by taking genetic and molecular samples from real people. The project is called Baseline Study and is part of Google X, the arm of Google devoted to pie-in-the-sky projects like the self-driving car. Thanks to Jim again for this story.

Vision-correcting laptop and tablet screens are being developed to help those who are vision impaired (and to give some of us a break from glasses.) Thanks to SVP Alliance Management Alya Sherman for this story.

Dude. Fist bumps are healthier than handshakes. Thanks to Admin Assistant Monique Baggiano for this pre-flu season article.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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