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The Scoop – Guide to Google Algorithms | Fighting Ad Fraud | Patient Groups and FDA August 6, 2014

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SEO Supervisor Mike Ranalli provides a Guide to the Algorithm Menagerie for Pharma Marketers. Request your copy at this link or you can email me for a copy.

Sr. Director Insights & Analytics Leanne Smith alerted me to this story, which explains that the Media Rating Council (MRC) is taking new steps to fight fraudulent digital traffic. The release explains “The aim of the endeavor, according to the MRC, is to surface new guidelines that modernize existing traffic measurement practices, expand traffic filtration requirements, reinforce fraudulent traffic detection, oblige more transparency from publishers and enhance site filtration consistency.” Leanne pointed out that we at CMI already use the best ad validation measures.

Perhaps for the first time, patient groups participated with pharma, scientists and clinicians on draft guidance to FDA for a drug in clinical trials. Their participation has lent more depth to the process; for example the guidance previously recommended a 6-minute walking test to measure the drug’s success, but that did not work in reality for many of the patients who cannot walk or are under 7 years old – something caregiver parents may realize while researchers may not.

US News & World Report’s annual Top Hospitals list is now out, with the top 5 as Mayo Clinic, Mass General, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic and UCLA Medical Center.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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