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The Scoop – Power of Email | Top 10 Prescribed Drugs | Ambulance or iPad August 6, 2014

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Email is still having a moment. Studies from a number of sources ranging from McKinsey to Jupiter and beyond show that email remains one of the most powerful media for effective marketing, with good numbers for reach, engagement and brand loyalty.

Synthroid, Crestor and Nexium top WebMD’s list of top 10 most-prescribed medications, while Abilify, Humira and Nexium are the best-selling.

First responders at one Pittsburgh health network are connecting patients to doctors via iPad rather than ambulance as part of a pilot program that uses telemedicine as an alternative when medically appropriate. Thanks to Karima Sharif, Director Customer Engagement Management, for this story.

Over-aggressive treatment of high blood pressure and/or diabetes can be damaging according to a study published in the American College of Cardiology.

Now you really, really can get everything at Wal-Mart; the megatropolis has launched primary care clinics within some South Carolina stores.

Consultant, CMI Alumnus and Scoop Reader Fred Foard shared a physician’s essay on why he likes to share his visit notes with patients and encouraging others to do the same, because he’s found this transparency leads to more open communication and better adherence to the treatment plan he outlines.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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