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The Scoop – Digital Pharma West Highlights | MedPageToday New Look | Iodine ISIs August 8, 2014

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Robert Kadar, SVP Customer Development, attended the ExL Digital Pharma West conference last week, and shared some interesting takeaways from a presentation by Malay Gandhi, Managing Director, Rock Health. Digital health Venture Capital funding in 2014 has broken previous records, with funding through the first half of the year exceeding all of 2013 – already at $2.3B first half of 2014. Investments in Digital Health companies growing faster than in any other healthcare sector. The results? One example – fifteen years ago the first human genome was sequenced at a cost of $2.7 billion. Today at can be done for $1,000! The largest Digital Health VC investments this year went to:
• NantHealth: $135MM
• Flatiron Oncology: $130MM
• Alignment Healthcare: $125MM
• Proteus: $120MM
• MedHOK: $78MM
• Lumens: $71MM
• Zenefits: $67MM

MedPageToday has unveiled a new homepage design, which Jeff Theis, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Everyday Health, tells us “is the first of many steps that our organization is taking to increase performance and drive better engagement across MPT.” The design utilizes responsive design technology, making it look great in mobile and desktop. Although it’s too early to report results, they’re confident this will be a hit; “we developed this page after a series of focus groups and surveys. We’re constantly redefining the look and feel of the site based on where the market is going in terms of site interaction. How physicians consume information is very important to us. As sites have evolved across the internet – so has visitor expectations on how a site should look and feel. Dynamically loading pages was one of the big drivers for the redesign.” Thanks to my colleague Lee Greenfield, Director, Strategic Alliances, for sharing this news.

Iodine, a startup led by Thomas Goetz, has issued via their blog a new way to present ISIs. It’s hard to tell whether they are suggesting pharma adopt this or whether they just want to become a resource of drug information (and comparisons) to consumers, but it’s an interesting step.

An open letter from a seasoned doctor to med students entering the workforce offers an interesting window into the profession as it urges them to pay attention to details, be kind, and not do unnecessary tests.

The average 6-year-old understands digital technology better than the average 45-year-old according to a new study that explored digital quotients of each age group.

Beginning this fall, Facebook will be banning the practice of incentivizing users to like your page, instead encouraging organic growth practices.
-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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