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The Scoop – Nine West Steps in it | Diet Coke Rocks UGC | Pharmacies Rock Formulary Boat August 8, 2014

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Nine West is getting plenty of flack around their web campaign that suggests two possible “shoe occasions” for which their products can help. They suggest cheetah-print heels for “Starter Husband Hunting” and high-heeled black booties for “First Day of Kindergarten.” Which is helpful, because I’m not very fashion forward and I do happen to have my daughter’s first day of kindergarten coming up next month; I was planning to wear my bathrobe over some slept-in clothes and mismatched flip flops, but this seems like a slightly better option. Added bonus: people won’t know if I’m crying because I’ll miss my daughter or because my shoes are hurting my feet. I disagree about cheetah-print heels for husband hunting though. As someone who is actually married I’d suggest to future hunters something more like sneakers with good treads or – even better – sturdy boots with a metal toe. Anything that you can stalk and lurk in comfort for extended periods of time. Read Gone Girl if you’d like more tips in the same vein. Good job, Nine West, you ding dongs.

Meanwhile Diet Coke fell into the winner’s circle this week with a user-generated viral video that is just so dang cute you have to watch – a young couple announce their pregnancy in a video that uses Coke’s “share a Coke” name campaign as its basis. Although Coke/Diet Coke don’t have anything technically to do with this video, the brilliance of their marketing is that of course putting people’s names on their product is going to spark some sort of good-natured silliness, and you know they were depending on that. Good job, Diet Coke, and I mean it this time. One note, though, to the pregnant woman: stop drinking soda, seriously, it’s bad for your fetus.

CVS Caremark and Express Scripts have announced they’re removing several drugs from their formularies due to high cost, and in fact both are removing more drugs than they have in years past. This news will be unsurprising to anyone following the Sovaldi saga. As Ed Silverman explains in his Wall Street Journal story, “Express Scripts, in fact, has been one of the most vocal critics of the Sovaldi pricing and drug costs, in general. Last month, for instance, the benefits manager began blocking coverage for about 1,000 active ingredients used to make compounded medicines to create pain ointments and creams.” Thanks to the multiple Scoop readers who sent me this story.

Hot news tidbits:
• California may OK fast-tracking med students to help with PCP shortage.
• Google moves unsubscribe button to top of all gmails.
Misfit Wearables brings on co-creator of iPad to its hardware division.
• Practice Fusion acquires physician call-back service Ringadoc.
• WebMD/Medscape acquires patient simulation company TheraSlim.
• NYU undergrads can now major in video games.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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