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The Scoop – Ebola Spreading | Robot Caregivers | Digital Health Map August 11, 2014

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It’s Monday, and I think I need this coffee-brewing alarm clock my colleague Ketul Shah alerted me to. The big health news of the week continues to be the epidemic spread of the Ebola virus, which the WHO has declared a public health emergency because it is not being curbed by current efforts.

The idea of robot caregivers has been around for a while, but now that technology is making it a real possibility some question what this would really look like, with one expert – Geriatrician and blogger Louise Aronson – arguing many potential lifesaving and self-esteem maintaining benefits. She explains that “the goal is not to replace humans; it’s to supplement and complement them.” Benefits can include nonstop monitoring, endless patience, and preserving dignity.

This digital health map is very interesting – the creators of the Health 2.0 conference built a map of the most important aspects of digital health and have updated it in advance of their September event. Each country is a topic containing the major players in the space.

Reprint Account Supervisor Joanne Brogden sent me this MedPage Today article explaining that it’s “around the Sunshine Act and how physicians are very frustrated with the CMS system as it is taking hours to enter the required information in. It is also speaking along the lines that textbooks and reprints and other items may be excluded from the Act as they are educational pieces that directly benefit the patients. It goes into detail around the several steps the HCP has to take to enter their information in and all the obstacles they are having.”

College students are more engaged with Snapchat than with Facebook according to a new study.

We all hope our CEO Stan Woodland had a happy birthday this weekend!

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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