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The Scoop – Depression and Suicide and Robin Williams | #IceBucketChallenge | Like Everything August 12, 2014

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Today’s top health story is around depression, following the unfortunate apparent suicide of Robin Williams. Many journalists are honoring him by focusing on the myths and facts surrounding mental health: Forbes, Esquire; and KevinMD focuses on Williams’ quotes about health.

The #IceBucketChallenge is a fundraiser gone viral, raising more than one million dollars so far. You may have seen it among your own friends already – choose either donating money or dumping a bucket of ice water on your head. It sounds like silly fun, but the ALS foundation, which usually average around $22,000 in donations this time of year, is benefitting greatly from not just the money but also the awareness raised.

In an interesting experiment a journalist ‘liked’ everything on Facebook for two days just to see what would happen. In particular, his own feed filled up with brand posts rather than those of his friends, and his friends’ feed filled up with alerts about the things he had liked.

Reuters reports: “Apple Inc has been discussing how its ‘HealthKit’ service will work with health providers at Mount Sinai, the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins as well as with Allscripts, a competitor to electronic health records provider Epic Systems, people familiar with the discussions said.”

Customers like custom content created by brands, according to a new study. Tell me, Scoop readers – is this a “no duh” or is this a “wait really”?

CareDox (a child of the StartUp Health accelerator) has raised $2.5 million toward their mobile medical platform for schools that is accessible by parents/caregivers.

Doctors used a 3D printer to recreate a patient’s tumor, which then made it easier for them to successfully remove it.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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