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The Scoop – SxSW Panel of Our Dreams | Yahoo Content Focus | TV Watching Shift August 13, 2014

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What’s the hottest topic you’d like to see at South by Southwest Interactive? We asked ourselves that question and now the answer – “What’s tougher, interactive or curing cancer?” is a finalist! Voting for SxSW panels is now open via their panel picker, and we hope you’ll vote. The panel will feature our EVP Eugene Lee and our partners Deb Nevins from Boehringer Ingelheim and Akash Pathak from AbbVie.

We haven’t heard much from Yahoo lately, so this article was welcome; it explains that the company is focusing its energy on content – especially content that will appeal to readers and therefore to advertisers – rather than taking the Google route and launching a smartphone or other hardware. As part of Yahoo’s quest they’re investing in both acquiring content companies and in ‘machine learning’ to ensure they’re sharing what resonates.

Over the last 8 years TV watching habits have completely shifted from live to streaming; in 2006 69% of the hottest Showtime TV show audience was watching in real-time, while in 2013 that number dropped to 32%.

Interesting new trend – websites that allow people to bid on the medical procedures they need. Sites like Medibid match up patients with physicians, outside of the traditional routes. Thanks to Fred Foard for this story.

The gloom and doom predictions of a doctor shortage because of Obamacare haven’t happened, and that’s good news. Yes, there are fewer doctors, but it’s not creating the insanity and panic that the news media seemed to be expecting.

Twitter is beta testing promoted video.

Three little girls battling cancer became famous for a photo that showed them hugging and smiling like angels; this beautiful photo was just re-taken in a brighter and happier light as the three learned each is in remission.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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