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The Scoop – New Search POV | Compound Pharmacies Under Microscope | Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s August 15, 2014

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Google changes the game, again. But it’s not affecting campaigns as much as advertisers would think. Our search experts explain in this brand-spankin-new POV.

Payors have begun to more carefully review claims around compound pharmacy drugs after noticing a large increase in purchases for medications like diaper creams and anti-scarring creams that cost in the thousands. New York Times notes “Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefits manager, has said it will stop paying for more than 1,000 ingredients used in compounding, cutting spending by its health plan clients on such medicines by 95 percent. It said such spending had grown to $171 million in the first quarter of this year from $28 million in the first quarter of 2012.”

Robin Williams’ death continues to dominate the press with yesterday’s revelation that he had early stage Parkinson’s disease.

In other Parkinson’s news, Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation are partnering to use wearable trackers to learn more about the disease. In other Intel wearables news, the company has announced 50 Cent (the rapper, not the price) earbuds that track heart rate.

An interesting debate is happening on the interwebs over whether an ad-supported business model is right for websites, and the debate was begun by the inventor of the pop up ad, Ethan Zuckerman. The MIT innovator wrote for The Atlantic that, essentially, the ad supported web is a “fiasco” that may be too late to change, and he recommends instead a paid/subscription model that encourages better content.

Heartwarming story of the day: a leukemia survivor now helps others fight the disease by delivering stem cells for bone marrow transplants.

For those looking to compare the most popular fitness trackers, this assessment is a good one, with Jawbone UP24 coming out on top.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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