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The Scoop – Depression and Parkinson’s | Ice Bucket Challenge | Adherence and OpenNotes August 18, 2014

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Have you voted yet for the panels you’d like to see at South by Southwest Interactive? The Panel Picker is still open through Sept. 5, and may I recommend “What’s tougher, interactive or curing cancer?” – sure to be an entertaining and thought provoking experience.

Depression tied to Parkinson’s disease continued to get well-deserved attention in the news media this weekend, with experts pointing out the importance of awareness and proper treatment.

The Ice Bucket Challenge continues to lead the news and Facebook streams, with millions raised for ALS despite some criticism of the challenge itself.

More physicians (and notably physician-journalists) are coming out in favor of OpenNotes initiatives that encourage HCPs to share medical notes with their patients, ideally while writing them, to encourage better health outcomes. One cites a 2010 study that showed two-thirds of patients who were shown their notes had better medication adherence.

In order for wearables to reach the holy grail – tracked health and fitness data is utilized by the patient’s HCP as much as the patient – there are quite a few hurdles to overcome, reports VentureBeat, including time-strapped doctors, privacy regulations and lagging EHR technology. “Doctors would love to be excited about wearables — they’re gadget guys at heart — but their day-to-day is spent battling 30 year old fax machines to get your last lab report.” says Jeff Tangney, CEO of Doximity, which makes a social communication platform for clinicians. “For a busy doctor, the ability to use email would save more lives than a Fitbit.”

It’s not as warm and fuzzy as cancer-sniffing dogs, but tuberculosis-sniffing rats can be just as critical.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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