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PhIMA Client/Agency Relationship Learnings | Amazon’s Ad Platform | Earthquake August 25, 2014

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The agency/client relationship can benefit from 5 basic tenets, reports Assistant Media Planner Emily Chau from the PhIMA panel creativity Janssen Product Director, Metabolics Donna Hodge and CMI VP Media Director Beth Barron.
1. Trust- A trust filled client and agency relationship appreciates that the other party is considered an expert in their respective fields. This respect level is the foundation for setting campaign expectations, maintaining transparency and the ability to challenge ideas for the greater good of the business.
2. Vision- The idea of vision may include innovation. “The agency’s job is to help the client uncover what they don’t already know about themselves or the marketplace.”
3. Communication- Communication is key to a successful and happy client/agency relationship, just like a marriage!
4. Learning- Learning can come from anyone, from Junior to C-level. Everyone is a person and may have ideas that they should speak up about. Learning can also come from “good, bad or ugly” situations that arise during campaigns. The way in which the clients and agencies interact to handle these situations determines if a relationship will flourish or end.
5. Growth- In order for brands and agency relationships to flourish, the two parties must be embedded in each other’s future business, not just the short term. At the end of the day, agencies aren’t hired to deliver mediocrity. Successful businesses are hired to deliver greatness and will only succeed if they’re workforce is happy and knowledgeable.

This weekend’s hottest business news: Amazon is looking to get into the advertising space, challenging Google AdWords and others with its own platform. On a related note, some are asking – if Google and Apple are prioritizing health as a growth industry, and they’re all trying to eat each other’s lunch, will Amazon be next to invest in health?

This weekend’s other hot news: a 6.1 earthquake in California had Jawbone’s PR people up at night developing a clever story that pointed out how sleep can be disrupted, and including a chart gleaned from its Up trackers.

Just weeks away from the release of the iPhone 6 and the rumor mill is grinding away, with leaked photos of what may be the phone as well as conjecture that the charger may be changing.

Finally, something to look forward to in October – Atul Gawande is out with a new book, “Being Mortal,” Oct. 7.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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