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The Scoop – Journal Spend Trends | Harnessing Wearables Data | Robots in Healthcare August 27, 2014

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“Data is the new currency,” explains Nicole Woodland-De Van, SVP Buying Services & Deliverables, in MM&M’s brand new spend trends feature. The article reviews the top trends and where media spending is going, notably that journal spending is steady and that technology including programmatic buying and Big Data plays more and more into how we buy media.

The big question in wearables is what to do with the data – one great answer that’s actually in motion is to cut costs while improving health outcomes by pairing wearables companies with insurance companies (although with news overnight that Aetna is discontinuing its CarePass consumer health platform it’s clear there’s still a lot of refining to be done). Yes, there will be some fraud, but overall the greater benefits can outweigh that potential. Connecting the data to HCPs will continue to be an attractive but overwhelming prospect.

Robots that can help in healthcare range greatly, and include exoskeletons for paralyzed people and prosthetic limbs that we’ve been hearing about, but also include other fascinating ideas such as a hair-washing chair for the elderly, a blood tester (actually sounds a little scary) and a wheelchair bed. This roundup shows the wide range and is totally fascinating. Add to the list existing devices being used in new ways, like the Wii showing promise for MS patients.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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