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Rock the SxSW Vote | First Pharma Incubator | Smart Watch Wars August 28, 2014

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There’s still time to vote our favorite South by Southwest Interactive panel finalist, “What’s tougher, interactive or curing cancer?” The panel will feature our EVP Eugene Lee and our partners Deb Nevins from Boehringer Ingelheim and Akash Pathak from AbbVie. If you haven’t yet, check it out!

Bayer is the first pharma company to launch a health incubator. The company’s Grand4Apps is kicking off with 5 startups chosen from more than 70 applications.

The smart watch wars kick it up a notch as it’s leaked that Apple will likely launch their iWatch on September 9, and Samsung launches a version of their watch that doesn’t need to connect to a smartphone.

Speaking of competition, major pharmacy companies CVS Caremark and Walgreen are competing to see how many partnerships each can rack up in line with ACA requirements and suggestions, with CVS currently in the lead.

I absolutely love this – baby announcement as Apple-themed sell sheet.

Diabetes comes with a lot of stigma, and that’s salt in the wound to many who would like to do without the inaccurate comments and assumptions.

Each year we benefit from having four interns come to us via the Christo Rey program as sponsors of the program. “Signing day,” where we get to announce who we’ve “hired,” was yesterday, and a photo of our team is posted on our social sites. To learn more about this wonderful program visit the Christo Rey Philadelphia website.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing, Corporate Communications
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