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The Scoop – Media Vitals 2014 | Apple HealthKit | Video Consultations August 29, 2014

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When we first launched Media Vitals, MedAdNews said it would be changing the way that pharma markets. It’s exciting to report that the 2014 Media Vitals will be launching next week! So stay tuned for the latest insights – this year expanded to include even more specialties – that will shape the way you engage your target HCPs. If you’d like to be on the list for an early copy of the first Media Vitals insights report, What Prescribers Want & Need from Pharma: 10-Specialty Report, email me or click here.

As Apple prepares for its Sept. 9 product launch event, it has announced that developers creating apps for its HealthKit offering cannot sell consumer data – a big “duh” for those of us in the industry but probably not for those new to it. I’m so excited to see what health offerings Apple’s going to be announcing.

Video doctor-patient consultations are expected to triple next year to 16 million according to new research.

A few Scoop readers shared this infographic with me; it points out that the diseases that earn the most funds are often not the ones that affect the most people and vice versa.

As the Ebola epidemic continues its path of devastation, public health workers are trying anything they can to stem the spread, including rap songs that share information and urge people to avoid the contagion and visit the hospital if they think they’re affected.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

Get all of the Media Vitals action when it’s released, sign up for The Scoop here.


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