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The Scoop-Lather Against Ebola| Clinical Trial Successes| Glaucoma & Cell Phones September 2, 2014

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Welcome back from the long weekend. West Africans continue to get creative with ways to spread Ebola prevention awareness. In addition to the rap songs we reported in last week’s Scoop, the “Lather Against Ebola” campaign puts a spin on the ice bucket challenge to educate the public.

Clinical trials of a new Novartis heart drug are showing positive results in prolonging and improving the lives of people with heart failure. Similarly, clinical trials of a Sanofi and Regenron Pharmaceuticals cholesterol-lowering drug have shown success in preventing heart attack and stroke.

What happens when doctors find themselves feeling “impatient, indifferent, and dismissive?” More importantly, what does this mean for patients?

A tiny device implanted in the eye and monitored by a cell phone could help patients monitor glaucoma and ultimately prevent blindness.

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Media Vitals Fact of the Day: 21% of endocrinologists use their tablets daily to communicate information to a patient during a consultation, compared to a limited 3% of emergency medicine physicians using tablets.

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-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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