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The Scoop – Google Changes and Pharma | Apple Launch Week | Media Vitals Fact of the Day September 8, 2014

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Google has continued to make changes in AdWords, and yes that can affect your campaigns. However, as Justin Freid, VP Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media explained in a press interview, “Working in the pharmaceutical industry, the means by which ads are shown and how they are displayed is extremely important. Most pharmaceutical companies require all keywords, ad text and landings pages to be reviewed by legal before it can be set live. In order to combat this, our SEM Managers at CMI have to stay on top of everything Google is pushing out. With legal ramifications a part of any update, we are also proactive in communicating the changes to our clients and their legal departments.” If you’ve been wondering how searchable your website is compared to your competitors’—a critical marketing question—we can tell you; contact us for a free audit of your website or paid search campaign.

Happy Apple launch week, everyone. It’s almost a given that (along with a new iOS update) the company will be launching its iWatch with health tracking, as well as beefing up other health offerings, and it will be interesting to see how they approach it and what they have at launch. In related wearables news, a startup contest has netted 10 new wearables prototypes ranging from baby vitals tracking to body temperature monitoring and management – imagine that your next wearable can cool or heat your body as needed. Cool stuff.

The Wall St. Journal reports on an interesting legal case regarding generics labeling, specifically how quickly a generic must match changes to its branded equivalent. “The Supreme Court held three years ago that generic makers can’t be held accountable for failing to warn about risks that haven’t been identified by the branded manufacturer. The new case, which the Supreme Court has been asked to review, would test generic manufacturers’ responsibility when the risks are known.”

App of the Day: Figure 1 is being called an Instagram for doctors – it allows doctors to share photos related to patient cases to crowdsource diagnoses. Barely a year old, the app has more than 115,000 signed up and is most popular among younger docs.

In today’s epidemics news:
• Children across at least 10 US states are being affected by what seems to be a new respiratory virus.
• A patient with Ebola virus in a Nebraska hospital is stable and making progress. He had been working in Liberia when he contracted the virus.
• What happens when some of the population doesn’t vaccinate? The rest suffer, as shown by a CDC graph that illustrates the boom in the resurgence of measles.

Media Vitals Fact of the Day: Analyze this-89% of psychiatrists look for drug safety and side effects when looking for drug related information.

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– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications
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