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The Scoop – Apple Launch-What to Know | Searching for Health Info | Media Vitals Fact of the Day September 10, 2014

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Apple, Apple, Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple. Yesterday’s star-studded, nerd-scented, snark-infused (times 2 – especially because of live streaming issues) event. Announced: iWatch (actually called Apple Watch), a thinner new iPhone 6, an enormous new iPhone 6 Plus phablet (or is it schmablet?), iOS8, mobile payment and U2. Not announced: robot that will make me a sandwich and clean my house, dang-it. My personal favorite article of the day was this physician’s take on what this particular launch will mean in the near future for our industry. Meanwhile, Google has been not-so-quietly gobbling up smartphone market share. So – what’s the takeaway on yesterday’s launch for all of us? Around the office the biggest buzz is around Apple Watch and HealthKit, both of which will affect our industry the most, but Mark Longacre, Assistant Media Planner, points out also that Apple’s integration of NFC is a big deal. Here’s the bottom line: Apple is an industry leader that influences other companies, big and small, and when Apple makes a move everyone follows – what is significant then is that more tech innovators will be looking to how to expand on offerings that benefit health and that more development will go into NFC, which Mark points out could have excellent implications for health, for example if used in implantable devices.

Speaking of out-of-the-box health innovation, yes we know that both consumers and prescribers go to Google to search for health information. An article pointed out by Alya Sherman, SVP Alliance Management, urges people instead to utilize the Cochrane Collaboration, which they call “one of the best sources for unbiased medical information in existence and they should be your first stop before you hit Google or WebMD.”

Media Vitals Fact of the Day: When in need of immediate results, most physicians look to search and med databases for their sources, where 86% are doing so to keep up to date.

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-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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