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The Scoop – Media Vitals 2014 Launches Today | What Docs Want and Feel | Threat of Retail Clinics September 15, 2014

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Today is all about Prescribers – how they feel, what they want. That’s because it’s the extra-special launch day of our 2014 Media Vitals research! If you’d like to see a free report highlighting some of the most interesting findings, email me. To sign up for a free webinar reviewing the fascinating insights, click here. Media Vitals™ assesses the media consumption habits of HCPs and key factors impacting physician engagement to provide media teams with invaluable insights around HCPs’ information seeking habits, preferences, sources, and omni-channel touch points. It’s our deep analysis of 24 specialties and responses to 90+ questions to give pharma marketers critical insights for reaching, engaging, and owning target audiences.

Media Vitals Fact of the Day: Workin’ 9 to 5? 59% of all physicians spend their evening, after office hours, keeping abreast of new medical developments and medical information.

Jury’s still out on what kind of threat – if any – retail clinics pose to traditional practice settings, but some experts believe that since many are currently taking on seasonal issues like upper respiratory problems, that doesn’t cut into the bread and butter of the family practice. Thanks to Dr. Susan Dorfman, CMIO, for this story.

In today’s unusual trend news: many are looking forward to seeing Miss Idaho in a bikini at the Miss America pageant because she plans to wear her insulin pump. Yeah, that’s why. The latest major shortage to plague Venezuelans has comedy writers working overtime – it’s a shortage of name-brand breast implants. In Chongqing City, China, a special sidewalk has been built just for people who are looking at their smartphones as they walk. And in what may be the weirdest news of all, it seems that LG and Samsung have raised their level of competition as LG executives apparently vandalized Samsung products at a trade show in Berlin.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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