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The Scoop – Why Programmatic | First Mover Advantage | Media Vitals Fact of the Day September 15, 2014

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A PhIMA breakfast event focusing on programmatic buying with Rocket Fuel provided some interesting takeaways about this important topic. Thanks to PhIMA board member and VP, Media Director Kate Zwizanski:

When profiling physicians online via behavioral targeting, there were some interesting nuances: physicians are 7x more likely to book airline travel or be in the market for tickets. 35% of them have recently researched vacations in the Caribbean. They are 7x more likely to have Apple products. They are 4.6x more likely than non-physicians to own or be in the market for a luxury automobile. They are 4.6x more likely to be golfers. Obviously, data like this alone is not enough to ensure that the user is a physician, so it’s then married up to additional data sets such as geo-location tracking, which can then figure out which of these users are on hospital property using the internet for 8-12 hour periods of time, 4+ days per week, etc. When re-targeting physicians on non-endemic sites, traditional banner formats outperformed video; and unbranded messages tended to outperform branded.

It’s important to note that we have the only programmatic buying service – AdMission – that reaches HCPs and we target in a completely different way, at the individual prescriber level. For more information about AdMission send me a note or have a chat with your CMI/Compas contact.

A McKinsey article found out by COO James Woodland says that while there is an advantage to being first to market in pharma, several factors can decrease that advantage, including the size of the company, the amount of time that they have the only offering and even route of administration (if it’s oral versus injectable for example).

Theoretically the Apple Watch could be a game-changer as a one-stop device for people with diabetes, points out one endocrinologist, who writes “I immediately thought of my patients with diabetes who currently carry up to four separate electronic devices in their pockets to manage all their technology: a smartphone, a glucometer, an insulin pump controller, and a continuous glucose monitor receiver.”

Mayo Clinic announced it’s partnering with IBM to utilize Watson technology to match patients to clinical trials.

Media Vitals Fact of the Day: Patients like to come to HCP appointments prepared, and only 5% of all physicians believe a patient bringing medical information to their appointments hurts their discussion with them about their condition.

If you’d like to be on the list for an early copy of the first Media Vitals insights report, What Prescribers Want & Need from Pharma: 10-Specialty Report, email me or click here. To sign up for a free webinar reviewing the fascinating insights, click here.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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