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The Scoop – Apple & U2 | Patient-Centricity | Media Vitals Fact of the Day September 17, 2014

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The Apple/U2 marketing debacle is pretty interesting – along with the recent Apple product launches, the company gifted customers with a copy of U2’s new album – the problem? Many didn’t want the gift and resented the company influencing their music queues. Since then they’ve pulled back by issuing instructions on how to delete the album, but it was embarrassing for Apple and the band. This experience was markedly different from the one Samsung had offering Jay-Z’s album for download, which had people excitedly scrambling to do so.

Patient-centricity advocate Donna Cryer writes an open letter on behalf of patients to doctors via the American Board of Internal Medicine website urging them to truly think of things from the patient perspective – including that although the doctor chose to be in the room at that moment, the patient did not. Great perspective. Thanks to CMI Alumnus Fred Foard for this story.

Media Vitals Fact of the Day: Use social listening. 62% of OB/GYNs use Facebook for their personal use. If you’d like to see a free report highlighting some of the most interesting findings, email me. To sign up for a free webinar reviewing the fascinating insights, click here.

In today’s plastics news: Introducing the first 3D printed car, which takes 44 minutes to print. And, Misfit Wearables has launched a plastic, less-expensive version of its fitness tracker.

Smartphone shipments are up 19% over last year, at 1.2 billion worldwide. But my husband still has a flip phone!

A Stanford Medical School study found that Google Glass helped surgeons perform better.

An ONC survey found that 30% of people were offered access to their medical records last year.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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