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The Scoop – Marketing Trends Conference | Impressions Versus Attention | Media Vitals Fact of the Day September 18, 2014

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Thanks to Amanda Kopec Preto, Marketing Services Manager, for the following conference takeaways to kick off today’s Scoop: The Marketing Trends for 2015 seminar kicked off yesterday with good reminders of best practices for effective marketing. Unsurprisingly, the theme is this: Consumers want relevant content. To win and retain consumers, brands must appeal to their information-hungry audiences with messages they want via the media they use. Every tactic in the strategic plan must help deliver meaningful content and a good EXCELLENT consumer experience. It doesn’t matter if you are Walmart delivering customer satisfaction via friendly greeters or Nike offering a custom sports bra to your female (not male for goodness sake!) runners. Your message must be appropriate, authentic, and served up where your customers can get it.

Despite ‘beyond the pill’ services offered up by specialty CVS/Caremark on behalf of $1k/day Sovaldi, there are surprising levels of non-adherence that have everyone scratching their heads.

“Attention” may be the new ad metric replacing impressions, according to new publisher trends that try to center around what advertisers are looking for. As one advertiser explains to Digiday, “There is a wonderful world of performance marketing and direct response where you see an ad for a holiday, click on it and someone gets paid. But publishers are recognizing that’s not necessarily the goal for a brand advertiser,” said Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat. “If I’m Miller Lite, I don’t expect anyone to click on my ad and buy a six pack of beer. That’s not why I’m putting my ad there.”

Something Epic happened in Wisconsin this week – actually a lot of things Epic, as the EHR giant held its annual user/developer conference. One particular focus was how the company will integrate with Apple’s HealthKit, since they’re not the EHR giant that Apple chose to partner with. They also toasted s’mores.

In today’s episode of doctors behaving badly, we learn that selfies are not actually part of the pre-op procedure. Joan Rivers’ doctor is under fire for his naughty behavior.

Apple’s iOS8 upgrade, available as of yesterday, is getting stellar reviews, with some saying it gives “new life” to older iPhone versions.

Media Vitals Fact of the Day: Need some reassurance? 40% of pediatricians turn to peer-to-peer consultations with other physicians and health professionals to confirm what they already know. If you’d like to see a free report highlighting some of the most interesting findings, email me. To sign up for a free webinar reviewing the fascinating insights, click here or email me at

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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