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The Scoop – Marketing Trends Conference | Into the Minds of PCPs | Media Vitals Fact of the Day September 19, 2014

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Have you signed up yet for our free webinar sharing what prescribers want and need from pharma? You should. It will be the best hour of your week. Media Vitals Fact of the Day: 59% of all physicians spend their evening, after office hours, keeping abreast of new medical developments and medical information. If you’d like to see a free report highlighting some of the most interesting findings, email me. To sign up for a free webinar reviewing the fascinating insights, click here or email me.

Amanda Kopec Preto, Marketing Services Manager, shares day 2 takeaways: The Marketing Trends for 2015 seminar yesterday took a deep look at the modern digital ecosystem—everything from marketing automation systems to responsive websites to integrated strategic marketing plans that include (of course!) an SEO action plan. For highlights from yesterday’s lectures look at our Twitter feed and see below:
• Online marketing has become a major component of a successful overall marketing plan for businesses of every size, everywhere.
• Identify 5-10 key phrases you would use to describe your business and optimize your web content with those.
• Build an effective framework that includes paid, owned, and earned media efforts.
• CRM and email deployment systems require constant attention by a dedicated resource who understands your business and marketing…and who cares about supporting the marketing and sales funnel.
• Social media should be considered as a component to a communications strategy. Likes, shares, comments, retweets, views, repins, and conversations support business objectives by generating awareness, engagement, favorability, recall, and ultimately sales revenue.
• Social copy and creative should be designed for performance to make it easy for your audience to do what you want them to do with minimal distractions.
• As always, a tracking and measurement plan is key to the success of any paid advertising campaign.
• A content calendar is essential so that all key players understand and are bought-in to marketing and sales initiatives.
• Marketers should always be asking themselves, “what’s going on in the world?” and “what makes my product/service relevant?”

So, Apple, you think you can just jump into the health arena? First think you’ll have to learn is how to fight infection…let’s just toss a little bug into your HealthKit OS.

I love this trend of doctors authoring press articles because it lets us so clearly see into their minds. A new article in The Atlantic by a med student choosing to become a primary care doc – when so many of her peers are going specialty routes – is fascinating. She addresses several stereotypes, including that the field is boring, that primary care docs are not as smart as other specialists, that they’re burned out.

In today’s clever design news – a designer has created a color thesaurus, an infographic-if-you-will of similar colors and their names. It’s cool and super useful, especially because my daughter wanted me to name the color of her gum after she mixed bubble and grape…but could have work-related positive implications as well.

Huge congratulations to the winners of last night’s PM360 Trailblazer Awards! We were so proud to be among so many of our clients and partners at this event.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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