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The Scoop – Panels and Webinars to Make You Smarter | Potential for Wearables | Media Vitals Fact of the Day September 22, 2014

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If you’ll be in the Philly area this Wednesday and want to learn how your branding can stand out, stop by the “Google Educational Panel” PhIMA event which features our own VP of Emerging Media Justin Freid as well as a variety of experts across our industry.

Have you signed up yet for our free webinar sharing what prescribers want and need from pharma? You should – you’ve been working hard and you deserve a treat. To sign up, click here or email me. For a sneak peek of some of the insights that will be presented, ask me for a copy of the free report. (A hint – it has much to do with generational differences, something we’re seeing as a particularly hot topic.) Media Vitals Fact of the Day: Need to find a doc on social media? Try Facebook or LinkedIn. These two sites are the top non-professional social networks used for professional purposes by all physicians.

Data from wearable tech can be useful to – and many believe has the potential to revolutionize – health, but one doctor reminds us in a NY Times essay that like data gleaned from health tests, the data is only as good as how you use it. She reminds us that good data can still miss important diagnoses and that having a real doctor as part of the process, even in our advanced tech age, is still critical. Still, another interesting article – this time from a patient – shows the hope that people have for trackers in motivation and better health outcomes.

How much should patients know about their doctors beyond that doctor’s professional credentials? It’s not just payment/Sunshine Act-related information that some believe we should be tapping into, but also political affiliation, stance on abortion, and other elements that some feel are important in choosing a doctor.

Possibly the most important thing happening in my life right now is a second baby on the way – that’s right, Princess Kate is expecting again (yay!!), and the entire world is watching and anticipating the birth of another prince or princess. Thus is more awareness raised about the issue of morning sickness, which is once again plaguing the Princess.

There are some great resources online now if you’ve just gotten your iPhone 6 or upgraded your devices to iOS 8.

Google invests in Lift Labs’ spoon for people with Parkinson’s.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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