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The Scoop – Introducing Ello | What’s New With Bing | MedScape/WebMD Survey September 29, 2014

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In Search we focus a lot on powerhouse Google, but what’s new with #2, Bing? Our VP of Search & Emerging Media, Justin Freid, has a monthly Search Engine Watch column, this month focusing on what’s new with this search engine, and how to use it best.

The hot new social network this week is Ello, which right now is invite-only (email me if you need one) but is growing at the rate of 30k+ new registrants per day and has already been attacked. It’s being called the anti-Facebook (thanks Assistant Media Planner Mark Longacre for this article that shows one reason anti-Facebook is becoming a ‘thing’) and as the non-ad-supported (at least for now) network; it’s free but they plan to introduce special features that will cost. It’s notable that you can opt out of being part of their analytics collection, which they explain they use to “make Ello better.” This peeved our analytics experts who remind us that “there’s beauty in data.” So will Ello be the next Facebook or Instagram, or will it be the next MySpace or Google+? We’ll have to wait and see.

The doctor-patient relationship is explored in a new Health Populi post, which looks at a MedScape/WebMD survey of physicians and consumers on technology and access in medicine. The survey unveiled gaps such as consumers wanting to access their EHR records but physicians being hesitant to give their patients access to information.

Apple now has an “Apps for Health” designated section as part of iOS 8.0.2.

This may be the best thing ever published in JAMA Pediatrics – oncologists have found that young men whose haircuts were influenced by Justin Bieber are at lower risk of developing skin cancer on their faces; they’re dubbing this the “Big Bang Theory.”

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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