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The Scoop – Sunshine Act Data | Disrupting Blood Tests | iWatch Competition October 2, 2014

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Yesterday marked an important Sunshine Act date with the release of 2013 data. The details published represent about $3.5 billion in spending. (Thanks to CMIO Susan Dorfman and Buying Services & Deliverables Manager Anetra Williams-Mitchell for sharing some of this news.)

Innovation inspiration of the day: a 19 year old drops out of Stanford to work full-time on her idea of a better blood test; she’s now a multi-billionaire who is improving the experience of anyone who needs a blood test with the option of giving a drop of blood at a pharmacy clinic rather than a vial of blood at a hospital or doctor’s office.

Things are moving and shaking in the world of smart watches following the iWatch launch. Pebble has decided to compete on price (though some would say it’s the industry leader either way.) Basis band has launched The Peak, which will continue to focus on fitness but also offer iWatch-competitive capabilities.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, I know Big Data is important in medicine but I’m not sure why, this article provides an excellent illustration – both literally and figuratively. Imagine a sick child rushed to the hospital, and doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong. They leverage massive amounts of amalgamated data to inform a hypothesis, then use the results to treat. Without the data at their fingertips, the diagnosis would never have come up. Brilliant, life-saving data.

The Ebola outbreak unfortunately continues, with the latest news being the first US patient.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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