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The Scoop – Diabetes Educational Experience #CMICompas | BI Beyond the Pill | Ads Please October 3, 2014

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This afternoon much of our staff will be fully immersing in diabetes education thanks to the efforts of our Supplier Partner team and our amazing partners – and you can learn along with us even if you’re not in the room. The hashtag #CMICompas is your ticket into the diabetes educational experience, which is bringing together thought leaders and industry experts in the diabetes space giving CMI/Compas teams invaluable knowledge around the diabetes patient and healthcare provider to the benefit of the company’s clients devoted to diabetes. The event is kicking off this afternoon with Charles Mattocks, diabetes patient advocate and celebrity chef.  The powerful content is continuing throughout the day with a partner research discussion and an expert panel including Arthur Chernoff, MD, Endocrinologist; Elliot Rayfield, MD, Endocrinologist; Neil Skolnik, MD, Primary Care Physician; Lois Gerst, Certified Diabetes Educator; and Neva White, Certified Diabetes Educator. Our Supplier Partner Team worked with Haymarket Media Inc., Endocrine Society, M3 USA, Frontline Medical Communication, Real Health Magazine, and Pharmaceutical Media, Inc. to make this possible.

Today’s beyond the pill win: BI has partnered with Propeller Health to create a better, smarter asthma inhaler. Love it. I’m hoping the next step is one that helps parents get their kids to be a little more willing to use their puffers, because I’m all out of bribes and ideas.

I didn’t think this would ever actually, literally happen, but today just about anything is possible. A Facebook user has created a video offering up his personal data and asking (really, challenging) the social giant to please serve him ads that are more relevant to him.

Twitter is fully funding (to the tune of $10 million) a new MIT initiative dedicated to social innovation; according to Venture Beat, the plan is vague but will focus on all social technology, not just Twitter.

Here’s who to cozy up to at your next networking event.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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