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The Scoop – Diabetes Educational Experience #CMICompas Top Tweets | Advertising Week | Facebook Dipping Into Health October 3, 2014

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Yesterday’s Diabetes Educational Experience was an amazing immersion into a disease state that is incredibly complex. Here are some of my favorite tweets of the day, which captured a nice range of what was discussed (note – our official CMI/Compas Twitter feed was manned yesterday by my awesome colleague Theresa Heintz, and I removed the hashtag #cmicompas from the tweets below):

  • Andrew Miller ‏@Andrew_Miller1  Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Shyam Desai ‏@shyamd88  #Diabetes is not just about eating less cookies or exercising more. Diabetes changes lives. (@thepoorchef1) [[Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks]]
  • Justin Freid ‏@Justin_Freid  If it was not for pharma companies, doctor’s would be waving crushed rhino horns over people’s heads and hoping they get better
  • CMI/Compas ‏@CMI_Compas  90% of scripts for diabetes’ patients are written by PCPs
  • Kathryn Cudemo ‏@KATHRYNSaKEEPER  The multi-channel delivery of relevant content is necessary in order to reach and educate HCPs in every age group
  • Eugene Lee ‏@eugene_lee  Advice from HCPs treating diabetes, could use more to help them with getting patient adherence and info btwn office visits
  • Eugene Lee ‏@eugene_lee  HCPs treating diabetes are wanting high quality information and the RIGHT information
  • CMI/Compas ‏@CMI_Compas  Delivering value to physicians should be the number one strategy #boom
  • Justin Maziarz ‏@jmaziarz_cmi  “Medicines don’t work in people who don’t take them”
  • Paulette McCarron @pmbakerygirl 50-70% specialists not actively targeted digitally

It’s also Advertising Week, baby, and here are the top 5 hot topics: programmatic, native advertising, video, mobile, and women.

Rumor alert! It’s been leaked that Facebook is looking to get into the health arena. This will be extremely interesting to be part of, because while Facebook has been able to influence popular culture enormously, it’s never taken on such a privacy-driven industry.

If you’ve been curious to see the results so far of Mayo Clinic’s partnership with Apple, the app is now live – and free. Speaking of Apple and health, a plastic surgeon comments on the ..well, plastic iWatch, and finds that despite the cool factor it will be essentially useless if it can’t generate value in addition to generating data. He points to Clayton Christensen’s mantra of focusing on the problem rather than on just creating cool things.

Walgreens and WebMD have partnered to collaborate on some of their digital offerings to each others’ audiences/customers, for example WebMD will offer medical information, while Walgreens offers ability to refill prescriptions or make clinic appointments.

IMS estimates that breast cancer drug sales will double by 2023.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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