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The Scoop – Digital Health Coalition on Mobile and Wearables | StartUp Health’s New Class | Storytelling 101 October 9, 2014

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EVP Eugene Lee yesterday attended the Digital Health Coalition’s private meeting on mobile and wearables, and tweeted some pretty interesting (and spicy) insights. Here are some of my favorites, or you can see them all at his Twitter feed.

  • Chris Dancy: we don’t have an information overload problem, we have an information correlation problem
  • Innovation starts with an MVP, not most valuable player, but a minimally viable product
  • Make big data smaller: get a system to ingest it, create data filters, find the unique screens (the who and what), leverage locatio

And speaking of top industry organizations where Eugene is on the board and they have private meetings – AMM’s next meeting features an agency panel called “Insights into the Evolution of Media Planning,” including Media Director Nancy Pantaleo and many of our agency partners.

StartUp Health just announced their new class of 13 companies. I love being on their mailing list because it’s such a great window into what we’ll be seeing in our industry over the next 18 months. Visualization software, gamification, the Internet of Things/connectivity – this is some really interesting application of technology.

This Storytelling 101 article gives an excellent checklist of how to tell a great story, with inspiration from great storytellers (Mark Bezos) and great stories (Goldilocks.) The article isn’t just worth reading – it’s worth printing and tacking up.

Jawbone has created a cool sorta-interactive map showing when people across the US go to sleep, and how much sleep they tend to  get.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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