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he Scoop –Dreamforce | To Become a Doctor | Fecal Transplants October 14, 2014

Filed under: Corporate — CMI/Compas @ 8:29 pm

Dreamforce kicks off today, and two of our colleagues are live on the scene – CMIO Susan Dorfman and Sr. Associate, Marketing Theresa Heintz. Watch our social sites this week, Twitter in particular, for the inside track.

To Become a Doctor” is a beautifully done profile of a resident one month in; his life, his work, and what it’s really like to be a new doctor.

Doctors in New York City are fighting back at the anti-vaccine movement, refusing to let in pediatric patients who aren’t vaccinated and looking down their noses at those in California where the movement seems to have taken off the most. There’s potential good news on the horizon though – press about Ebola and enterovirus 68 has caused a viral fear that has resulted in an uptick of vaccines in general, despite the fact that there’s no vaccine for those two.

Today’s rumor alert: Google is possibly getting into a service connecting doctors and patients digitally.

Let’s close out today with the scoop on poop; fecal transplants for gastrointestinal conditions is gaining more traction (and press). A pill is doing well in trials, and while this is incredibly exciting, it’s certainly not one example of a pill that you’d want to crush into your applesauce.


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