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The Scoop – Google Doc Connection Explained | Dreamforce Day 3: Puls | Ebola Update October 17, 2014

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Our VP Emerging Media & Search Justin Freid has the inside scoop on Google’s much-buzzed doctor-connection feature. His column this month for Search Engine Watch explains what we need to know. was the star of Dreamforce day 3 as he launched his voice-activated smart watch. (Fitbit also launched new wearables recently, and may be regretting their timing – not to mention that Apple’s latest press event is happening today.) Puls, not to be confused with ByDoctor PULSE, is not just a watch – Susan and Theresa report it can make calls, email, text, get directions and play music, has a Siri-like service called Ineeda (Anita), fitness apps (and other apps) baked in, an emotion sensor, it can collect vibes and share them with people and it’s able to share info between devices by just touching. Oh, and it’s freaking awesome.  Great photos and takeaways can be seen on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds thanks to our colleagues-on-the-scene Susan Dorfman and Theresa Heintz; a few of my favorites:

  • The most dangerous place to make a decision is in the office.  You need to be with the customer
  • Wearables are growing at a rate of 5X faster than smartphones did
  • Cell phones started at $4,000 and they were bricks. In tech, things only get smaller, faster, and smarter
  • Data is useless unless it’s actionable
  • Your customers are cross channel,  be there

In a press release covered by NJBiz, Frontline Medical Communications announced they are “implementing the integration of its Clinical and News Divisions and has named Alan J. Imhoff CEO, effective immediately.”

It’s possible that HCPs will be under additional scrutiny at the airport because of the spread of Ebola. Interesting tidbit from Katelyn Inman, Associate Campaign Analyst: Ebola is more deadly but spreads slower than other infectious diseases. This cool interactive feature shows how quickly 100 unvaccinated people can become infected across 10 different diseases and includes fatality. You can also pause the tool at a certain number of days to see the differences in virulence across the different diseases. On a related note, this infographic gives an update of Ebola facts including number of people affected so far, and the associated costs.

Big Data has incredible potential for cancer research; Kaiser has access to 4,000 patient records, for example, which can tell researchers a lot. But barriers remain, including hesitant doctors, imperfect health record keeping, and legal issues.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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