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The Scoop-Pins, Snaps, Chats & Ads| Bono| Dreamforce Part 1 October 20, 2014

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Well, folks, it’s official. For the next three months you’ve got me bringing you The Scoop while Carly is home taking care of her new baby girl. Baby Girl Kuper’s name hasn’t been announced but I’m thrilled to report she was born on Saturday weighing 8 lbs., 14 oz. and is 21 inches long. Everyone is doing well and the little miss has “10 fingers, 10 toes and curly black hair.”

So let’s get started. Pinterest has updated its advertising and of course we can count on VP, Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media Justin Freid to guide us on what this means for our you: “Pinterest continues to build out their advertising capabilities and promises that things will get better for both users and advertisers. In their announcement, they highlight the fact that they are working on improving their analytics and delivering more post click data to the advertiser. One other key point made in the write up is they hope to ‘show more relevant ads’ to the user. From an advertiser’s standpoint, hopefully this means more advanced behavioral targeting options will become available. With Pinterest’s user base making up some key demographics that are active in the social media space around disease state such as breast cancer, MS and MSS, as their advertising platform improves, it will become a more violable option for consumer based targeting.”

In other related news, Snapchat  has begun running ads. Justin’s comment: “At some point, social start-ups have to start making money. And the easiest way to do that is to advertise to their user base. But Snapchat’s new advertising format will be very intrusive. Ads will potentially show in the Recent Updates section, and users will only view the ad if they choose to. This makes it quite interesting from a creative perspective. Advertisers will have to create quality content that users actually want to view.”

Bono is totally awesome for many reasons (yes, I know he recently ticked off a lot of people) and he has a totally awesome look to boot. But, as it turns out, he always wears glasses because he has glaucoma.

As promised Theresa Heintz, Sr. Associate, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications brings us some really incredible insights from the Dreamforce conference which wrapped up last week. Seriously, she has SO much to tell us that I’m spreading it out across this entire week’s Scoop. See below and stay tuned for more:

Dreamforce is Data–When you checked in to the Dreamforce campus, you received a lanyard.  That lanyard was your key to Dreamforce.  It was scanned every time you entered a session.  It was scanned every time you visited an exhibit booth.  Your steps, your actions, and your Dreamforce experience was all tracked through that simple lanyard.  That is data.

So, what did Dreamforce do with this data?  They capitalized on it.

What sessions did Theresa Heintz attend on Monday? Since she attended a few pharma and a few marketing sessions, let’s send her an email on Monday night about the pharma and marketing sessions on Tuesday.  Let’s also remind her about the marking hub party on Tuesday night, and the marketing exhibit booths in Moscone West.

The data Dreamforce collected about my first day helped them build out my Dreamforce journey for the rest of the week.  They compiled data and used it effectively to make my Dreamforce experience more memorable to me.  They’re still making my experience memorable by following up with content relevant to me.

Data quality continues to be one of the greatest challenges for successful CRM efforts.  Dreamforce did it right.  Track your customer journeys and their interests, then use that data to engage and customize further marketing efforts creating a full circle marketing approach.  Track, customize, and engage.

– Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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