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The Scoop-CVS| Digital Health & Ebola| Dreamforce Part 2 October 21, 2014

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Today’s lead story is brought to us by Associate Marketing Data Analyst, Ben Attix. In early September CVS stopped selling cigarettes and, in a new development, is leveraging Caremark  to influence other pharmacies to stop selling cigarettes as well.

What’s digital health have to do with the Ebola virus? The recent TechCrunch conference hosted a panel describing technology as having a “massive potential role to play” in the containment of Ebola while more tangible methods for education and prevention, such as smartphone technology to alert the masses, are already happening.

Dissatisfaction of hospital EHRs among nurses is staggering, as reported in this article.

The news is just full of cool innovation stories, both in and out of the healthcare sphere. And (who knows!) maybe even a few holiday gift ideas:

  • Plastic surgeons use 3D printers to make an upper jaw prosthesis for a cancer survivor.
  • This new wearable device tracks your stress level and suggests ways to de-stress.
  • Um, this air umbrella protects you from the rain.  

The one and only Theresa Heintz delivers us more insights from Dreamforce. Hope you’ve had your coffee.

Dreamforce is Social–Did you follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds?  145K people attended Dreamforce.  They also tweeted and posted pictures.  They used hashtags and mentioned companies in their posts.  Instead of texting my family and friends about the conference, they  followed my social profiles and got to see what I was seeing and got to experience what I was experiencing.    I tweeted about the sessions and used Instagram to post pictures of Dreamforce.   My conversation around Dreamforce was through social media, just like thousands of others.  That is powerful. That is engagement.

By creating a powerful event experience, people were motivated to use their social media platforms to share the knowledge and share their experiences.  Now upwards of millions, maybe even billions, of people could experience Dreamforce through social media.  They could join the conversation.  If your brand can create something so powerful and exciting that people actually talk about it on social media, I think you’re doing something right.  You’re creating brand awareness.  You’re creating advocates for your brand.  You’re creating a memorable experience.

Dreamforce and the exhibitors also took advantage of this space and leveraged social media throughout the entire conference.   Take a selfie with our mascot and have the chance to win a prize.  Tour the exhibits and use our hashtag.  Social media was everywhere.

Hillary Clinton even knows the power of social media as she said in her interview with Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman, World Economic Forum, “Marc’s shoes have his own Twitter account.  Maybe I should have one for Hillary’s pantsuits?”

For me, the most important takeaway from this entire social media discussion is that as marketers we need to be where our customers are.  Listen to what they’re saying and allow them to speak for our brands on a tool as engaging and powerful as social media.

We mentioned in yesterday’s Scoop that data was a huge part of Dreamforce.  Outside of Dreamforce, data is a huge part of everything.  Four c-level marketers explain how they use their data saying that while there are still significant obstacles in understanding big data, some are surprisingly closer to figuring it out than you may think.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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