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The Scoop-SEM Case Study| Healthcare Hope| Dreamforce Part 3 October 22, 2014

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What’s a brand team to do when they need a digital marketing campaign plan that delivers relevant messaging to distinct audiences? This SEM case study featuring CMI was recently published by Kenshoo, the #1 ranked paid search management tool by Forrester. Faced with challenges in pharmaceutical advertising and some others specific to the brand, CMI and Kenshoo developed a campaign that resulted in “notable increases in overall search performance metrics” and “an 11% decrease in CPA” among other positives. If you want to learn more, contact Justin Freid, VP, Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media.

Amazing Story of the Day brought to you by SVP, Customer Development Robert Kadar.

A new study finds a genetic variant that may shield Latinas from breast cancer.  

Theresa Heintz tells us that Dreamforce is Wearables…

Between wearable device sessions, the launch of’s new wearable called The Puls, and an entire exhibit floor dedicated to wearables, Dreamforce was all about this trend.  I saw devices that sense your brain waves to create movement, devices that track your motion and know your next steps before you take them, and devices that create an experience like Disney’s MagicBand. Even the speakers including Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO and Tony Robbins, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, donned their wearable devices and mentioned them in their keynotes.  Dreamforce was on the wearable device bandwagon, and I applaud them.  The new technology and innovation that these wearable devices have are amazing.  They’re motivating and here’s why:

1.       Wearables are growing fast.  In fact, they’re growing 5X faster than cell phones did.

2.       People are willing to invest in innovation, which leads to my next point that…

3.     Major tech players actually ARE investing.  Google, Samsung, Apple are in.

4.       Continuous, rapid improvement.

5.       There are real examples of amazing experiences wearables can provide their customers.

6.       Cultural conversation is changing.

7.       Fashionology.  They are a part of fashion now.  It’s acceptable and cool to wear. 

8.       The cloud contest. The device is the beginning and end point to gather data.  

9.       Hello…they’re super cool and fun!

10.   There’s a wearable app explosion.  Wearable apps are expected to generate $1B in app revenue in 2015.

We have a team on the scene at Digital Pharma East this week. Watch for takeways reported here in The Scoop and on our Twitter feed.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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