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The Scoop-Engaging Oncologists| Hearables| Conferences & Events October 23, 2014

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At diagnosis, patients generally don’t hear past the word “cancer.” And when doctors try to communicate and educate their patients, they often find themselves without the tools to do so effectively.  In this thought piece, Melanie Bonomolo, Media Director and Brandy Colangelo, Senior Account Manager, discuss what makes oncologists different from other specialists and how pharma can best engage this group.

The wearables market is expected to surge, as we know, but in more recent developments the hearables category is quickly emerging and offers many opportunities to monitor your health while both active and at rest.

I’m on my way this morning to the 2014 Innovation Awards event sponsored by United Healthcare and The Philadelphia Business Journal.  Discussion will focus on the future of healthcare and the role technology will play in helping people lead better lives. Tune in tomorrow for insights worth sharing.

Campaign Analyst Katelyn Inman recently attended the Accountable Care Organization Coalition event in Miami. Its mission is to bring together key stakeholders to collaboratively build value and improve the quality and overall outcomes of patient care. Katelyn shares her takeaways here; to learn more reach out to her directly or check out her Twitter feed.

  • The future of healthcare focuses on the “Triple Aim +1”
    1. Increase the quality of care
    2. Improve the patient experience
    3. Lower per capita cost of care

+1   Provider satisfaction (“Take care of the people who take care of the people.”)

  • Primary care providers and specialists need to communicate effectively to create the best care plans for their patients, with special attention paid towards transitions from acute care.

We all have the same goals for the future of healthcare, however, the factors that influence doctors on the frontlines differ from other stakeholders.

    1. To alter physician behavior you need to give them actionable information and seamlessly integrate changes within their current daily workflow.
    2. Monetary compensation may not be enough motivation, try focusing on merit (no physician wants a B+ when they could have had an A).
  • Telehealth will transform the way care is accessed across the nation if it can overcome regulation barriers.
    1. Studies show it can increase access to care, reduce hospital readmission, improve costs, as well as increase patient engagement AND satisfaction
    2. Reimbursement and licensing restrictions are currently the largest barriers to successful implementation of telemedicine
    3. Re-engage board certified physicians that do not currently fit into the system (for example, female physicians that choose to leave the workforce to raise a family or physicians that have physical restraints making it difficult to practice in a traditional environment).
  •  BIG data is only important if you can pull out the RIGHT data for your audience

Kate Zwizanski, VP, Media Director and Jana Truax, Media Account Supervisor, are at Digital Pharma East and bring us these key takeaways from yesterday’s sessions:

  • Ben Wolin, co-founder and CEO of Everyday Health discussed risk-sharing models

o   Embrace risk in order to drive business

o   Align with others that are willing to take risks

o   Company executives usually like “sure things”, but now the paradigm is shifting to a risk-sharing/pay-for-performance model (a la CMI’s Own the Audience program.

  •    Jay Mandel, the VP of Global Digital Marketing for Mastercard, spoke about content marketing and the evolution of their “Priceless” campaign.  They took a hashtag (#lovethiscity) already being used commonly on twitter to create their content and help make their campaign relevant.  Remember, Content is King, but Distribution is Queen (and the Queen wears the pants!)

Content Marketing in 5 steps:

  • Ask yourself, what’s your goal and why?
  • Who’s your audience?
  •  Write your content for your audience.
  • Make sure your content resonates with your audiences.
  • Iterate your content.
  • Data overload=> The key to success is creating a measurement framework with actionable analysis.
  • Our clients Meghan Lopresto and Sierra Towers from Boehringer Ingelheim fielded questions from their panel on data and measurement:

o   Lopresto: “Measurement isn’t always about the Rx lift – it truly can be about the guaranteed engagements.”

o   Towers: “Physician-level data means more than an ROI number – ROI is     based on assumptions, and if one number changes, those assumptions can shift dramatically.”

A reminder that our CEO Stan Woodland will host a roundtable discussion at the ProcureCON Pharma Conference  October 28th in Philadelphia titled “Procurement + Brand Managers: Best Practices, Actionable Insights, and Real Methods for Highly Effective Media Buying.” Email me or your CMI/Compas contact if you’re interested in attending. We have access to a 50% discount for pharma.

I know I promised more Dreamforce updates today, but I’m holding those until next week so we can take in all the conference goodness included in this edition.  Enjoy.

-Amanda Kopec, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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