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The Scoop-Google Opps for Apps| Conference Takeaways| Robots & Ebola October 24, 2014

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A little birdie at Google shared with our Senior Search Analyst, Shyam Desai, new opportunities Google is providing to help companies promote apps on mobile devices (i.e. phones, tablets, etc.) Shyam tells us, We’re starting to see pharma become a key player in the crowded mobile app environment. Physicians and patients interact heavily with mobile apps, allowing Google to leverage existing tools to drive downloads by reaching these audiences when they are watching on YouTube, searching on Google, browsing within apps, and surfing the web.”

They also demoed new ways to promote pharma/healthcare-related apps; things our teams are already doing. Contact Shyam to learn more.

Kate Zwisanski, VP, Media Director reports from Digital Pharma East Day 2 : Our BI client, Deb Nevins offered the following wisdom from the panel “Acceleration, Innovation and Transformation”:  1- For fresh ideas, step outside of pharma – attend conferences like WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) and SxSW – then think about how you can bring pieces back and apply them. 2-To encourage innovation, show your marketing teams what’s possible with a “shock and awe” day to get people excited about what are the next big things in pharma. 

Day 2 key takeaway:  It’s not about measuring the ROI of a channel; it’s about creating a good customer experience. 

I’m sharing this brief but powerful takeaway from yesterday’s 2014 Innovation Awards event: Creating the modern healthcare model involves engaging, not just treating, the patient. For more tidbits, see our Twitter page and #PBJInnovation.

Dreamforce is Inspiring.                   

In life we have three decisions: What are you going to focus on?  What does something mean?  What are you going to do?  Often times, these three decisions get lost in the day to day of paying bills, going to work, picking up groceries, and planning for the next day.  But if you really think about it, those three decisions could be the pillars driving you and your brand to success– if you listen to them.  Tony Robbins, entrepreneur and professional motivational speaker, led a 3.5 hour session describing how these three pillars drive marketers to success. In a word, it was inspirational.

 As marketers, we’re always looking to gain the edge over our competition.  But how can we do it?  Is it a catchier ad? Or simply a better call-to-action?  As I’m sure you’ve heard a million and one times before, it’s actually about engagement.  This simple strategy leads to more customers and more brand advocates.  To be engaging, in life and for your brand, you have to be you.  You have to speak to what your customers would want to hear.  What would you want to hear? 

The most resourceful companies are successful over those that have more sources.  Use what you have and what you know.  Be spontaneous and fun.  Be a little kid again.  Well, at least remember the feeling of being a little kid, and let that excitement drive your strategy and ultimately drive your decisions.

Robbins spoke a lot about emotion coming from motion.  And then he showed us.  We were jumping around the room, quite literally.  We met people and hugged strangers.  We high fived and we smiled. We moved around and we were energetic.  We were excited.  This excitement, this ‘feeling like a kid again’, inspired us to do anything.   Can you remember the last time you felt like that?  Try it.  Energy is engaging.  Be engaging. 

In other important news, I’m surprised this took so long. Sigh. Robots may be used to fight the Ebola virus.

Facebook launches Rooms  for anonymous chatting.


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