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The Scoop-ProcureCON Pharma| Weekend Announcements| Telemedicine October 27, 2014

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Tomorrow our CEO Stan Woodland hosts a roundtable discussion at the ProcureCON Pharma Conference  titled “Procurement + Brand Managers: Best Practices, Actionable Insights, and Real Methods for Highly Effective Media Buying.” Email me or your CMI/Compas contact if you’re interested in attending. We have access to a 50% discount for pharma.

EVP, Managing Director Eugene Lee is at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit this week. Watch the CMI/Compas Twitter feed where we’ll be sharing his must-knows.

We saw some big announcements over the weekend: the World Health Organization has announced plans to begin trials of an Ebola vaccine in December, the FDA approved a new treatment for acquired hemophilia A, and a non-invasive home test for colon cancer is being offered at the Mayo Clinic.

Healthcare providers and administrators met last week to discuss why telemedicine hasn’t yet been adopted as a mainstream patient care method and what it will take to get there: awareness, a value proposition, and patient access.

Last week, Associate, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications, Theresa Heintz brought Dreamforce to us with her descriptive recaps. Today, we want to look at what Dreamforce means for pharma. She shares, “Pharma is innovative and cutting edge.  Pharma’s products create a new future for healthcare; a future of promise, discoveries, and motivation.  Pharma is inspiring and because of that, pharma is Dreamforce. 

By applying the learnings we shared last week, pharma can be inspired to go further.  We will continue to challenge ourselves to reach consumers and providers. It’s all about blurring the lines between sales and marketing, so the journey, strategy, and process for the customer, patient, and physician flow flawlessly.


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