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The Scoop-Nuggets to Share| Google News| UberHealth October 29, 2014

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Do you feel like you’ve been all around the world with us these last two weeks? We hope so as our teams have been sharing insights from conferences far and wide…

From the iMedia Breakthrough Summit, EVP Managing Director Eugene Lee shares, “The digital marketing leaders here are encouraging all of us not to view mobile as a separate channel, but rather to view it as a technology that connects all channels.”

The closing speaker was Mick Eberling who in summary is someone who has taken to technology for the sake of the planet.  He spoke of two inspirational stories of projects he has done. This story is about an artist paralyzed from ALS, and this about a boy who lost both of his arms in war. Eberling shared beautiful takeaways of inspiration:

  • A philosphy of “Commit. Then figure it out”
  • Remember that things that are possible now, where at one point in time impossible
  • Once the impossible becomes possible, it almost gives people permission to keep doing the impossible
  • If there’s a WHY you will always figure out the HOW

Robert Kadar, SVP, Customer Development was on the scene at the ProcureCON Pharma event. “It’s clear that more than ever, our Sourcing colleagues are committing to adding value in approaching their business imperatives in a highly strategic manner. While reducing costs is always a goal, the key takeaway from the ProcureCon conference is that cost is only one driver in their decision making process and even then, they want their most valued suppliers to generate enough income to invest in technology to drive even better business results in the future. Strategic Sourcing leaders who spoke at ProcureCon included representatives from Merck, Biogen Idec, Astellas, J&J, Daiichi Sankyo, Regeneron, AstraZeneca, Noven and more.

Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Susan Dorfman attended the Cleveland Clinic 2014 Medical Innovation Summit and gleaned insights such as “You can never have all of the data. So controlling data is less important now than insightful analytics.” For more nuggets from these events, look to our Twitter page.

Google’s head of life sciences has announced plans for a “wearable” pill to detect disease such as cancer inside the body. In other Google news, their fitness tracking dashboard for Android called Google Fit was unveiled yesterday.

Thanks to Alya Sherman, SVP, Alliance Management for this story–UberHealth finds you a roaming nurse to administer a flu-shot anytime, anywhere.

– Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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