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The Scoop-Publicis Groupe Acquires Sapient| Use Your Web Analytics Wisely| emocha November 4, 2014

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Big industry news is Publicis Groupe’s acquisition of Sapient Corp, a digital powerhouse in marketing, communications, consulting, and omni-channel commerce. The deal is expected to drive annual cost savings of more than $60 million. Thanks to Taryn Tarantino, VP Audience Strategy for sharing.

We know physicians use multiple devices to search for information. This article looks at how their use may change with the advent of new devices such as Google Glass and Apple Watch.

Google warns users about the use of Flash on their mobile devices. Our own SEO Supervisor, Mike Ranalli comments, “Because so many searchers cannot see Flash on their mobile devices and because search engines cannot read, interpret or understand the contents of Flash, it is actually something that can prevent optimal rankings, particularly on mobile. This is something that Google has been rolling out for a while, but they are ramping up on… increasing the importance of leveraging HTML5 assets, instead of Flash.”

Leanne Smith, Senior Director Insights & Analytics reports highlights from the recent Digital Analytics Association Philadelphia Symposium:

According to Adam Greco, Web Analytics Professional and consultant at WebAnalytics Demystified,  a lot of companies are not using their web analytics to their fullest potential.  The top reasons for failure include incorrect or lack of business requirements, lack of executive support,  and lack of product knowledge.  In order to ensure you are set up for success, do the following:

  1. Know who are the top users and top reports of the system
  2. Understand the top 5 things the site is meant to do and how you will measure that (aka what your executives really care about)
  3. Map out your business requirements to specific implementations
  4. Take the implementation and turn it into a question.  Why are you doing this?

Leanne also shares this insightful whitepaper if you want to dive deeper.

The new Apple watch won’t be arriving until spring.  .

Health app developer emocha (nope, not a Starbucks beverage) partners with the Baltimore City Health Department to improve medication adherence among tuberculosis patients.

-Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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