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The Scoop-PDR+LDM Group| Paid Search Trends| IAB| Sunshine Act November 5, 2014

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PDR Network has merged with LDM Group in what looks to be an EHR match made in heaven, becoming the largest EHR/EMR communication network of 250,000 prescribers. Going forward with the name PDR, the merger is expected to offer “a unique capability for providing the right messages at the right time to EHR prescribers, supporting pharmacy marketers, payers and others seeking to leverage EHRs and integrate with physician daily practice.”

Justin Freid, VP, Search Engine Marketing & Emerging Media participated in this article focusing on paid search trends for 2015. He states, “Mobile will continue to be the driving force of growth over the next year.” For more information or a deeper look into your brand’s plan, Justin and his team are here for you.

Leanne Smith, Senior Director, Insights & Analytics will bring it tomorrow on the ad:tech paneldiscussion titled Go Home Digital Marketing, You’re Drunk. The panelists will look at common mistakes in digital marketing and share recommendations, best practices, and just some good sense reminders. We’ll bring you nuggets via Twitterand in Friday’s Scoop.

On Monday Leanne attended the IAB Ad Operations Summit in NYC. It was announced that the IAB, the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies), and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) have come together to form a new coalition to fight advertising fraud called Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).  TAG’s mission is to eliminate fraud, piracy, and malware from the future of advertising.  It is estimated that these three areas are costing the industry approximately $5.5 – $9.5 billion per year.  Criminals use bots to load pages and click search terms, fake mouse moves and clicks to simulate humans, create phony URLs with realistic looking content, load tons of ads on a page, and cover their tracks.  There are a number of MRC accredited companies out there that are finding better ways to detect fraud (CMI/Compas works with Comscore and their validated campaign essentials tool), but until the money trail can be followed and the criminals caught, they will find new ways or new domains to circumvent these systems.  TAG will strive to be like a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, vetting sites, having them go through a multi stage evaluation process in order to recognized and validated.  A related article is here.

In other news, a large lung cancer study is testing five experimental drugs at the same time, as finding a treatment becomes even higher priority for researchers.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the recent amendment to the Sunshine Act stating, “there are circumstances in which companies do not have to report payments to physicians who speak at, or attend, continuing medical education seminars.”

– Amanda Kopec Preto, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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